Jason, Port Hardy, British Columbia

Business traveller
Jan. 8, 2020
Liked: Cleanliness, amenities
It was a pleasant surprise to find this little gem of a hotel. Brand new renovations make this a beautiful home away from home. Getting an well appointed apartment (including kitchen, dinning room, living room, bed and bath room) for the price of a hotel was amazing. The location is right on the river and the parking lot is gated for your security. The staff was very hospitable and showed me around the place before leaving me to enjoy the apartment with its in-suite sauna. I cannot express how great this place really is. Bring food and you are all set.

Posted Dec 9, 2018

I booked for one room suite through Expedia and upgraded to 2 rooms without any issues by calling the hotel the day before. The suite is very clean and spacious, comfortable for 4, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, overlooking the river. Bonus was a sauna in the suite.

Jeffrey (CA)

Reservation Number 1894198505



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  • I would definitely stay again
  • I liked everything from the staff be super friendly and the quietness to the river out behind the porch it

Service was friendly and polite, room was gorgeous and in perfect condition. Can’t recommend it enough

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Posted Dec 22, 2018


Welcome to the dazzling Campbell River. The Chateau Riverside, a home away from the home, is a delightful vacation rental accommodation, a place that creates an intimate and tranquil environment required to allow you to unwind. This is a sanctuary for you to enjoy your time away from the busy world; an escape from everyday stress, an enchanting place for liberation.
The Chateau Riverside was built next to the shimmering waters of Campbell River, creating an alluring ambience in each room. With bright natural light gently filtering throughout suite, a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a full-sized stainless-steel fridge the Chateau Riverside is like a home meant just for you. Rooms facing the North side have access to the glistening waters of Campbell River, where one can see seals and fishes jumping out of the waters. In addition to make your relaxation utterly perfect, there’s an in-suite sauna room!

At Chateau Riverside, we are committed to making all our guests as comfortable as possible. The chateau has free high-speed wireless internet (300mbps) which provides high speed connections when you need to make online calls to whenever you wish, and a 50” flat screen TV with cable for each room. For our guests who wish to stay a longer period, we have two units equipped with laundry machines. For short term guests we have a laundry room in the building accessible at your convenience. We also have a wheel-chair accessible unit. We are confident that you can find services that would meet your needs here in the chateau.


Robert, Canada
Reviewed: November 20, 2018
A warm welcome from friendly staff and a beautiful, quiet apartment with luxury amenities. Personal sauna was incredible. Waking up to the river views are wonderful. Modern feel and appliances. Hugely friendly staff with warm welcoming attitude. Fast wifi. Comfortable bed and couches. This is a fantastic place for anyone to stay at, we are very much looking forward to coming back.
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